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Description and Process

Designing a book cover or an eBook cover is not something that just comes out when you work in design software, but it has a concept, it tells what is inside, it shows what readers should expect and most of all, it can make the book readers want to buy it when it’s design stands out from the rest of the book in the bookstore. So, it’s not just the title or the image on the cover, but how it’s designed is very important.

  1. Consultation via email or WhatsApp/Skype with the cover designer
  2. Design of two initial cover concepts of your front cover
  3. Send the first two samples for you to review and choose
  4. One more design concept, if needed, based on your comments
  5. Updated copy sent to you for final review
  6. Final cover sent to you along with one 3D and one Mockup