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Let’s join us! We are a professional international team based in Sydney who offer help and assist all writers in Australia and all over the world to get your book to life with our expertise in self- publishing system.*

Research shows that 80% of people in the world want to bring their story to life. However, only 2.2 million books have been published so far. Why is that?

Why publish your book with Us

Fast Outcome

We understand the importance of timing in self- publishing, that is why we have tried to make every stage of your publishing quick and easy. You can be reassured that your book will be ready well ahead of time with our swift publishing services.

Unbeatable Price

At Waratah, we offer high-quality book printing services at affordable rates, and we don’t sacrifice quality just so that we can save money. We know that you have put a lot of effort into creating your book. We compliment your effort by offering you quality service at reasonable prices.


We work with our dedication to ensure that you produce a top-quality book. To this end, we guarantee that your book undergoes all necessary reviews, editing, and proofreading so that your will get high standards which will be accepted to all platforms around the world.

Problem Free Services

We are committed to ensuring that you have a pleasant and memorable self-publishing experience. With us, you are guaranteed a premium service without any stress or hassles. Our sole goal is to make the book publishing process more comfortable and pleasurable for you.


We offer a totally transparent quotation. We value the ethos of honesty and integrity. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the cost of the services rendered to you so that you will get a clear and good understanding of what exactly you are being billed for without any hidden charges.


By making Waratah Author Services your publishing partner, you’ll get a project manager assigned to your book. We will give priority to your suggestions on essential decisions of the book such as cover design, type-setting, interior design and formatting of both the e-book and the paperback version.


At Waratah, we take every practical step to personalise our services in line with the peculiar requirement of your book. Our expert publishing consultants will view your manuscript before suggesting the right package for you or we can follow your ideas for the book.

Author Friendly

With our experiences, we understand the difficulties that self-publishing authors usually go through. That is why we have decided to partner with you to put an end to the challenge of self-publishing book online and provide you with a pleasant publishing experience.

About us

Waratah Author Services is a team of self-publishing specialists, offering high-quality, affordable services for the indie and self-publishing author: cover design, interior layout, eBook Formatting, marketing, and self-publishing consultation.

Having worked with hundreds of authors over the course of over ten years, we have the experience to help you navigate the self-publishing process, produce a book you’ll be proud of, and, ultimately, bring your dream of authorship to fruition.

We are here to help you

what are you looking for?


Book Cover Design

You have put your life and soul in writing your book, so it deserves a professional cover that stands out from the rest. We will design a stunning ebook and print covers for your book that will help sell more copies. We’ll make sure you are 100% satisfied with the design.

Print Book Formatting

A well-formatted and professionally designed book is very important to your success as an author. Every page of your book deserves the best design, so we offer professional Interior Book Design service for Amazon KDP Paperback, IngramSpark, and Lulu.

Ebook Formatting

Yes, a professionally formatted eBook looks better, more attractive, cleaner, but it also temps readers want to continue reading your book. We offer ebook formatting services for KDP, Smashwords, Lulu, Draft2Digital, Nook, PublishDrive, iBooks, GooglePlayBooks, etc..

Book Editing / Proofreading

You have done the hard work. You've written a brilliant piece of literature, an amazing self-help guide, or a wonderful book. Now that it’s done, you are dreading the next step. Editing. You know you need a second pair of eyes to help with the process. You’ve come to the right place.


There are many things to understand before you decide to self-publish your book. We can help you with a straight to the point checklists and tell you what to do and what not, benefits and possible challenges. We will help you understand how easily you can self-publish.

Account Management

Setting up your accounts on Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Smashwords, etc. takes a lot of time if you don’t know how to do it correctly. We can help you set up and manage your accounts on self-publishing platforms without wasting much of your precious time.

Book Submission

Now that you have your book edited, cover designed, and interior formatted, but it needs skills and experience to submit it to self-publishing platforms. We'll submit your book with well-research keywords and categories that will help your book to reach millions of readers.

Book Marketing

Big congratulations on having your book published successfully. But it's just the beginning, the real challenge is promoting it, to reach more people and get more sales. We can help your book reach to thousands of people all over the world which can increase sales.

Amazon Best Seller

Anyone can self-publish books, but not everyone can be a bestseller. Imagine, the feeling, when your book hits the bestseller. You as an author of a best selling book will definitely feel more confident and prouder. We can help you hit your book the best seller.

Web Design

Whether you're just starting out or a best-selling author, you need a professional website to showcase your books or to reach out to your readers. We will build you an awesome author website perfectly suited to your needs.

Samples of our work

They all ❤️ our service

Here's what authors are saying about us!

I am very thankful to Leb (Book Designer – Waratah Author Services) for working with me on my book. He is a true professional as he helped me format the book, knew the best designs, provided good answers to my questions and helped to get it to all of the best stores and sellers. This was kind of a specialty text book that had many pictures and he handled all very well. This was my first book but will certainly use him again for my follow up books.

Robert L. Gillette

AUTHOR, sportsvet.com

Leb (Book Designer – Waratah Author Services) is a genuinely talented designer. We used him recently and I cannot fault him at all. He will be very professional, guide you through his world, manage your fears, support you and be an ear for you also. Amazing input and output. Thank you Leb

Bailee Deignan

I’m using Leb (Book Designer – Waratah Author Services) to design the interior of seven books. He’s a great designer who cares about his clients and goes over backwards to insure their satisfaction. If you need someone to design the interiors of you print or ebook effort, look no further. Leb, I’m thrilled I’ve made your acquaintance!

David Teves

AUTHOR, The Land of Dreams

Working with Leb (Book Designer – Waratah Author Services) was one of the best decisions I ever made as an author! Leb was able to integrate the design concepts seamlessly into the manuscript. He formatted my ebook with incredible precision and speed – and offered me many suggestions along the way to make the manuscript even better. I highly recommend Leb’s services!!

Priya Khajuria


Talented, professional and hardworking. An absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks so much for your input and design with our book.

Imelda Bell

AUTHOR, Facing the Monster

The best service I have ever received! The efficiency and professionalism and the extra work and help offered is just outstanding! I am a customer for life very very impressed and will not go anywhere else!

Donia Youssef

AUTHOR, The Monster in Mummy

If you are in need of a book designer, you can’t do better than Leb (Book Designer – Waratah Author Services) . He is very easy to work with and will do whatever is necessary to insure your satisfaction. I especially like that he responds quickly to emails, and always makes sure it’s done right. He formatted my first book and has done many more since. Thanks, Leb.

Dan Fleischhacker

AUTHOR, The Gift

Leb (Book Designer – Waratah Author Services) , was a lifesaver! This project was going down the tank and fast. I turned virtually everything over to him and he did his thing. He’s very knowledgeable, professional and very easy to work with. From this project forward he’s my go to guy.

Mike Goss

AUTHOR, Unborn Black Lives Matters, Too!

Let us help you to bring your book to the world.

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