Professional Photobook Layout Design for Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Lulu, Blurb, and other Platforms

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*If you have more than 25 photos or your book is more than 50 pages, we will send you an invoice after your order is verified, an additional $15 AUD per page.
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    Interior Layout Design of Photo Book means preparing a document with illustrations to be ready for print, to ensure that it meets the publisher’s requirements and is an enjoyable reading experience. This package includes Laying out the Text and Photos on the Pages, Adding Design Elements, and Enhancing, Adjusting and Editing the Photos

    • Photos covering at least 50% of the page
    • Maximum 25 photos
    • Up to 25 spreads (50 pages), cover not included. $12 AUD each will be charged for additional pages
    • One page can be text and the next page can be a photo only so that when the book is open, two pages will be visible at a time OR one photo can cover two pages (spread) and text can be placed over the illustration. We’ll suggest the layout based on the orientation of your photos.

    By choosing this package, we assume that you will be providing the Photos/images/illustrations of your book.  This package doesn’t include any graphics.


    1. Design of two layout concepts of one of your book’s chapters for review and feedback
    2. Consultation via email or WhatsApp/Skype with the book designer
    3. One more design concepts, if needed, based on your comments
    4. Layout of your book’s interior in Adobe InDesign to the style of your approved concept
    5. Draft PDF of the entire book for you to review
    6. Up to 15 text corrections after you review the draft PDF at no additional charge; *additional corrections are $1 each
    7. Typesetting the whole book to make sure there’s no issue with Widows/Orphans/Hangings
    8. Print-ready PDF will be delivered to you

    You will receive a PDF for print