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#1 AMAZON BEST SELLER PACKAGE $765 50% off $383
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Becoming a Bestseller on Amazon is one of the greatest achievements as an author. You will feel more confident and (of course) could be proud of yourself and imagine how people will treat you after you become the #1 Bestseller. Most importantly, it will help boost sales because once it hits a bestseller, it’ll be presented to more people on Amazon stores. We will help you hit your book to be a Bestseller in one or more categories on Amazon. This package includes:
1. Keywords research
2. Categories research in US, UK, AUS and CA.
3. Best price point, competition, and profitability of each category in the US.
4. The book gets placed in the right categories in US, UK, AUS and CA
5. Promotion campaign which includes advertising the book on sites that promotes books to their email lists.
6. Your book will hit #1 Bestseller in one or two categories and in most cases, it’ll achieve International #1 Bestseller (#1 Bestseller in one category or more in more than one country depending on the genre)
7. Our Bestseller expert will work with you until your book hits the #1 bestseller in at least one category


  1. Consultation via email or WhatsApp/Skype with our bestseller expert
  2. Intensive keywords and categories research
  3. Make changes and updates your book information and metadata.
  4. Re-design your book cover if necessary
  5. Run several promotional campaigns
  6. Notify you when your book hits the bestseller